Jedzenie fantazja i moda poznaj najnowsze trendy z Copenhagen

Food, fantasy and fashion – discover the latest trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week FW23

The latest trends at Copenhagen Fashion Week can always expect a bit of escapism, and because Scandi Style captivates a global audience, fairy tales become even more impressive. The designs presented at the CPH FW23 have been supplemented with hairstyles from KEVIN. MURPHY and Hair Director Marianne Jensen leading the shows. Marianne, familiar with Copenhagen’s fashion and editorial landscape, captured the essence of what each designer wanted to convey in a thoughtful way.

Copenhagen Fashion Week FW23


Aw23 Helmstedt 1291 1

The latest Helmstedt collection provides a fantasy world that offers an escape into the world of space. The things above and the underneath collide with the fish and aliens coexisting in the same universe, living among the constellations and bubbles of water. The show took place in the Geological Museum, against the background of swirling graphics and bold colors.

KEVIN. MUPRHY from Hair Direction by Marianne Jensen knew exactly how to reinforce the theme to give the models a look out of this world. “With the essence of the HELMSTEDTs collection inspired by space in mind, we wanted to create the look and feel of a newborn alien emerging from an egg. The hair is meant to represent the vulnerability and nudity of the situation, combining the core of the space-themed collection, while maintaining the natural movement and feel of each model.”


Products for obtaining the appearance:

“We managed to create a beautiful alien persona that encompasses the multidimensional, playful expectations of a resident of milky space. In addition to the wet look, we kept some of the model’s natural hair, playing with braids and horns to complement each model’s natural hair,” says Marianne Jensen, Hair Director of KEVIN. MURPHY.


Aw23 Vibskov 1462 1

As a multi-media artist, Henrik Vibskov has always explored out-of-the-box ideas as part of his fashion projects. The leitmotif for him is his interest in food and the greater cultural and social implications it has on design. This year, in his FW23 collection, he was inspired by La Tomatina (tomato fight in Valencia, Spain), studying the tomato inside and out. Red and green were the dominant colors throughout the collection, and the headbands, which looked like a string of cherry tomatoes, were a striking element of the whole show.

Having worked with Henrik before, Marianne was immediately inspired by the vision and knew exactly how to complement the soul of his projects. On the hair appeared both smooth hairstyles with taut silhouettes, and natural volume and movement. “At KEVIN. MURPHY loves to celebrate the natural volume and movement of hair,” says Marianne Jensen, Director of Hair Care. hairstyles KEVIN. MURPHY, “and in this case, it’s the perfect balance for the smoothness of the other hairstyles we’ve created,” she adds.


Products to get the look:


Choosing products that protected the hair and allowed it to remain flexible was crucial, whether we were creating smooth manipulations or natural shapes.


CPHFW AW23 Remain 0624

Remain by Birger Christensen has always been about crafting pieces that you will keep on. The AW23 collection combines the past with a modern future, which is a tribute to the brand, from craftsmanship to the iconic form of design. These core values are exactly what inspired the Chief Executive Officer. hairstyles Marianne Jensen. Creating a range of stylizations, they all represent the contrast of bold, masculine structure and smooth, feminine details, conveying a cool and contemporary sophistication in harmony.

To celebrate the individuality of each model, Marianne was inspired to celebrate everyone’s unique hair. “Through different looks, you’ll find everything from healthy curls with natural resilience, smooth ponytails to cool semi-updo with a classic dreadlock,” says Marianne Jensen, Director of Contemporary Art. KEVIN hair. MURPHY. “I love that we celebrate individuality here and that the craftsmanship of the collection also spills over into the look we create for the hair. Sophistication, elegance, cleanliness and modernity are the perfect keywords that capture the vision I had when creating the look for REMAIN.”


Products to create styling:


The products have been selected for each model’s hair to emphasize their natural textures while creating sophisticated finishes.


Unlike Birger Christensen’s sister company, REMAIN, ROTATE is driven by the latest trends with ready-to-wear options often featuring expressive prints and textured fabrics for a touch of everyday glamour. This season, to further strengthen glam, Lisa Rinna from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills She stunned on the catwalk in a black, tight bodysuit and a fabulous leopard spotted coat. What stood out even more than her outfit was her new hairstyle, styled by the KEVIN team. MURPHY in a faux-hawk that highlighted her impeccable step on the catwalk.

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