Everlasting Colour Wash Kevin Murphy – color protection shampoo with acidic pH 250ml

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  • Acidic pH shampoo
  • Shampoo to protect color
  • Fixes color
  • Gives shine
  • Protects against hard mineral water
  • Nourishes and moisturizes
  • Does not weigh down the hair
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Kevin Murphy Everlasting Colour Wash – shampoo protecting color with acidic pH 250ml

Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting Color Wash is not just a regular shampoo. This sulfate-free formula with a balanced pH doesn’t just gently cleanse your hair. It is specially designed to protect against mineral build-up caused by hard water, ensuring that your vibrant color remains intact for longer.

One of the distinguishing features of this unique shampoo is its ability to close hair cuticles. In this way, it helps to preserve the shine and shine of the hair, giving it a healthy and beautiful appearance. No more worrying about matte or faded colour – Everlasting Colour Wash will keep you protected.
This remarkable product is part of Kevin Murphy’s commitment to providing high-quality hair care solutions that not only deliver exceptional results, but also put hair health first. With carefully selected ingredients that nourish and protect, you can rest assured that you treat your curls only with the best.
Say goodbye to those days of struggling with hard water issues that make your color look faint. Everlasting Colour Wash offers a convenient solution in one simple step. You don’t need many products to cleanse and protect your colored hair anymore – this shampoo can do it all.
For those who want their vibrant shades to be truly durable, Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting Colour Wash is a breakthrough. Feel the difference on your own skin, because this innovative shampoo will transform your daily hair care into an extraordinary salon-like experience.
Invest in the future of your dyed hair with Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting Color Wash Shampoo, where stunning shades are met with lasting shine. Trust a brand known for its pursuit of excellence and enjoy spotlessly cleansed, protected and perfectly coloured curls every day.

Hair type

dyed, dry

Key features and benefits of the product Kevin Murphy color protection shampoo

  • Acidic pH shampoo
  • Fixes color
  • Gives shine
  • Protects against hard mineral water
  • Nourishes and moisturizes
  • Does not weigh down the hair

Key Ingredients Kevin Murphy shampoo – Everlasting Colour Wash

Hydrolyzed quinoa and rice extract

The power of amino acids that helps protect, improve color stability and shine, while helping to nourish hair from roots to tips. It strengthens hair, prevents hair damage and helps to fix colors.

Natural phytic acid

A biodegradable chelating agent that both repels and protects hair from hard water minerals, resulting in a better shine.

Inulin (chicory root extract)

Multifunctional ingredient obtained from chicory root. Natural prebiotic fiber that supports the scalp microbiome, improving scalp health and condition, and facilitates combing.


A hydrophobic, barrier-forming complex that supports hair fiber protection and color fastness by protecting against moisture and other environmental factors such as UV radiation.

Acidic pH system

Provides an optimal environment for color fixation by closing scales after coloring

while maintaining the natural pH of the scalp.

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