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Natural, tousled texture will be ubiquitous this season


Natural, tousled texture will be ubiquitous this season


Entering the AW23 season, the natural texture will go beyond the box with a newfound freedom. Taking a cue from the personalization seen in contour cutting, hair textures are finding new ways to express themselves, with casual finishes and less structured styling. Whether your goal is curls that can take over a room or rough waves that effortlessly tie your style together, the fact is that a natural, tousled texture will be at the top of everyone’s must-have list this season.

Start with the right cut

The right cut can add volume, help hide frizz, or enhance your hair’s natural texture. When the goal is a casual, tousled texture, the key is to choose a shape that works for you.

Take bob, for example. Almost anyone can wear this hairstyle, but the bob for a person with type 2A and 3C hair will be very different. Contrast is all about adapting the look to each person – hair type, density, and texture type.

When choosing a hairstyle for hair with a tousled structure, the silhouette plays a big role. Plan the final look you want, then work with your stylist to get the cut you want.

Think about the placement of colors

Do you want to juxtapose your tousled texture with a light block of color, or are you looking for a natural color to match? As important as a haircut, color can change the whole look. With the ability to step into ethereal, grunge, or glamour territory, the location and hue also help to highlight the texture pattern. The color can work with curls or waves, contouring the overall shape, creating movement where it’s needed most.

Invest in Skincare AND Styling Products


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At the end of the day, you need to take your new hairstyle home with you. That means you need to know how to recreate that look. To make sure the texture is taken care of, invest in KILLER. CURLS WASH + RINSE and KILLER. TWIRLS to take the guesswork out of it.

KILLER conditioner. CURLS WASH + RINSE preps your hairstyle by defining curls and waves and controlling frizz. Made with nourishing oat milk, rich in fatty acids that gently cleanses and protects the epidermis, this duo hydrates and strengthens while protecting against color fading.

Once you’ve cleansed your hair, trust KILLER. TWIRLS – an air-drying cream created with natural texture in mind – that will help to achieve the matted effect of your hair while protecting it from moisture and adding shine.



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