Najlepsze maski dla Twojego typu wlosow

The best masks for your hair type

There’s something about indulging in a rich, moisturizing hair mask that makes us feel luxurious. Whether it’s the creamy texture or the fact that it’s not an everyday extravagance, the act of letting your strands absorb it in its entirety seems special. Moreover, participating in this juicy act of self-care leads to many benefits. From better hair drying to an easier to manage texture. If you want to deal with dry and brittle strands, add volume to them or emphasize color and shine this season, we have the right mask for you.

The best KEVIN masks. MURPHY for all hair types

Just like choosing a facial cleanser or moisturizer, choosing a hair care method is crucial and should change with the weather. A good routine will be based on each step and focus on specific issues each season to solve problems and leave hair cleansed, moisturized and silky smooth. For best results, add these recommendations to your current routine or start a new spring!

Hair Type: Dry

Recommended treatments: HYDRATE Regimen – HYDRATE-ME. MASQUE


Almost all hair types and texture patterns can experience dryness. When we go from the dry, cold air of winter to the humidity of spring, dry hair is more likely to frizz, damage and break. TIts condition can be aggravated by daily styling methods, external environmental factors or simply the weather. To remedy this, HYDRATE-ME is ideally suited. MASQUE. By moisturizing your hair, you reduce frizz, which usually happens at this time of year, and make sure your strands are properly nourished when summer comes.

Hair type: Delicate/Coloured

Recommended treatment: VOLUME Regimen – ANGEL. MASQUE


As spring blossoms, the number of coloring services naturally increases to create brighter and luminous finishes. If highlights appear on the horizon, consider using a mask dedicated to improving your hair type. Thicker masks can weigh down thin or thin hair types, but ANGEL. MASQUE was created to strengthen hair and at the same time create a high-volume finish. Whether it is dyed, damaged, naturally thin or delicate hair, this mask has been developed with Amino acids to repair and protect against damage. In addition, bamboo and lotus flower extract increases the volume, shine and thickness of the hair.

Hair type: Brittle/aging hair

Recommended treatment: REJUVENATE Regimen – YOUNG. AGAIN. MASQUE


Whether it’s damage caused by hot tools, the environment, hormonal changes or lifestyle, as our hair ages, it requires specific ingredients and care. As with skin care, prevention is one of the best ways to restore the appearance and replenish your hair. If you are just hunting for a sunscreen for the warmer season, take it as a signal to add a rejuvenating hair conditioner to your basket. In addition to changing color, spring brings with it many new styling trends that can lead to thermal damage. To stop hair brittleness before it even appears, include YOUNG MASK in your daily care. AGAIN. By fighting current and future damage, it will effectively breathe new life into brittle or aging hair, so you can try all the latest trends.

Hair type: All

Recommended treatment: THICKENING Regimen – STAYING. ALIVE


Spring is primarily the start of a new one. If you want to turn a few steps into simplified care, then STAYING. ALIVE is essential. Ideal for all hair types, it can be added to any care, and its ability to seal the cuticle makes it ideal for fighting frizz this season. This lightweight spray, designed for dry, damaged or coloured hair, is essential after shower and before styling. Moisturizing and nourishing silk proteins repair hair and seal the cuticle to ensure smoothness and elasticity when combing, styling or drying hair.

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