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Natural cosmetics not only have a beneficial effect on the hair, but also care for the skin in the most gentle way possible.

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About Brand Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy has an unparalleled understanding of the immense power inherent in hair, making him a unique figure in the field of hairdressing. His exceptional talent has graced countless covers of prestigious magazines around the world, while leading the hairdressing teams of esteemed fashion houses.

After training at London’s esteemed Vidal Sassoon, Kevin’s return to Australia marked his rise to become one of the country’s most in-demand stylists. Known for his involvement in Australian Vogue and his mastery of creating stunning Beach Hair, Kevin was rightfully awarded the prestigious Australian Masters Award at AHFAS in 2007 for promoting Australian hairdressing across borders.

When it comes to hair styling, Kevin Murphy stands at the forefront as an industry expert who wholeheartedly embraces his craft. His visionary approach earned him recognition among his peers for revolutionizing hairdressing with state-of-the-art products and tools. From pioneering trend-setting new hairstyles to introducing innovative environmentally friendly solutions, Kevin Murphy’s commitment is evident in every aspect of his work.

Following a philosophy similar to the principles of skin care, KEVIN MURPHY introduces lightweight yet powerful products that guarantee superior performance, strength and longevity for the well-being of your hair. Combining advanced scientific knowledge with nature’s best ingredients, you can trust Kevin Murphy’s range of shampoos, conditioners and styling options to provide optimal protection while lifting your spirits with their optimistic tone

Unleash your hair styling potential with KEVIN.MURPHY’s innovative range of products. Whether you’re a professional hairdresser or a DIY enthusiast, our eco-friendly line allows you to effortlessly recreate fashion runway styles without compromise.

Infused with nature’s finest ingredients, our shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products not only provide exceptional style, but also deliver naturally beautiful results. Use KEVIN.MURPHY Performance, a carefully formulated blend of vitamins and amino acids that rejuvenate your hair, rebuilding damaged strands and adding volume for healthier ends.

Nourishing moisturizers enriched with mango and murumuru butter effectively nourish and soften hair from root to tip, smoothing the scales. Exotic extracts derived from Peruvian bark, baobab, bamboo and orange blossom provide a light surge of moisture, imbuing hair with its natural goodness.

Wypełniona silnymi przeciwutleniaczami pochodzącymi z najlepszych darów natury, takich jak śliwka kakadu, orchidea, kwiat lotosu i limonka pustynna, ta potężna formuła pomaga zmniejszyć łamliwość i naprawić włosy zniszczone chemicznie. Nieustające poszukiwania najlepszych składników przez firmę KEVIN.MURPHY doprowadziły nas do nawiązania współpracy z firmami, które stosują praktyki rolnictwa ekologicznego lub techniki organicznego zbioru dzikich zwierząt, aby zapewnić najwyższą naturalną jakość naszych produktów.

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