Killer Curls – Kevin Murphy – Curly Hair Styling Treatment – 200ml

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  • Rich in antioxidants anti-frizz cream,
  • highlighting curls
  • Helps hydrate & strengthen hair
  • Gives hair a natural feel & movement
  • Provides weightlessness, long-lasting smoothness
  • Provides heat protection up to 420°F/216°C
  • Reduces friction for easier combing
  • Ideal for medium to thick, curly or wavy hair
  • Sulfate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free
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Kevin Murphy – Killer Curls – Curls Styling Treatment for Curly Hair

Capacity: 200ml

We present killer curls, the best solution to revive dead curls and fight against unbearable frizz. This amazing anti-frizz cream has been specially developed for people with medium to thick, curly or wavy hair. Its unique composition consists of an abundance of antioxidants that work harmoniously to restore elasticity and definition to your natural curls.

At Kevin Murphy , we understand the need to moisturize curly hair. That’s why we’ve carefully selected a blend of highly resistant extracts of Australian fruit, aloe vera and baobab seed oil to give your hair the necessary hydration. These powerful ingredients penetrate deep into the hair, nourishing it from the inside.

With Killer curls at your side, you can say goodbye to unruly frizzy hair and greet with beautifully highlighted curls. This luxurious cream activates your natural curls while taming any unwanted unruly strands and puffiness. Embrace gorgeous, springy coils that are sure to catch the eye wherever you go.

Our commitment to Kevin Murphy is to create products that not only deliver exceptional results, but also put hair health first. That’s why our anti-frizz cream is free of harmful sulfates and parabens, which can remove natural oils or damage your precious curls.

Experience a transformative journey as your matte curls are rejuvenated with Killer curls. Unleash their full potential with this wonderful product designed especially for those who want to proudly present their waves or curls. Watch as compliments come in and confidence grows as you unleash the power of moisturized, frizzy curls.

Say hello to beautiful hair all year round by introducing killer curls into your daily routine. Feel the beauty that comes naturally when moisturized strands merge with distinct spirals – a combination that will make everyone admire your juicy curls.

The product includes:

  • carnauba wax – nourishes, adds softness to hair,
  • watermelon extract – moisturizes and smoothes,
  • patchouli oil – nourishes and adds shine to the hair.
Product performance:
  • strengthens the curl of the hair,
  • protects against frizz,
  • moisturizes.

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